SUPERCONTINENTE is an ever-shifting platform for typographic and graphic exploration.
Our practice stems from research, friendship, thoughts, and memories experienced through fieldwork and active investigation.
All items showcased have been carefully crafted to live within SUPERCONTINENTE and produced in limited quantities.


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Carta Anacoreta

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[PRE-ORDER. Release date: Jan 2024] Containing symbolic representations of feelings and observations while revealing the glyph set of SC-T02 Anacoreta, this cloth maps a journey through an unknown but familiar place. Designed by Marco Alfaro for SUPERCONTINENTE. Screen print on 100% linen. 1m x 1m. Edition of 10 (5/5).

[PRE-ORDEN. Lanzamiento: Enero 2024] Esta pieza es carta geográfica de un lugar familiar pero desconocido. Haciendo uso de SC-T02 Anacoreta, esta tela de lino suave describe sensaciones y observaciones a descifrar. Diseñado por Marco Alfaro para SUPERCONTINENTE. Serigrafía en 100% lino. 1m x 1m. Edición de 10 (5/5).

SC X Marco Alfaro, CR