SUPERCONTINENTE is an ever-shifting platform for typographic and graphic exploration.
Our practice stems from research, friendship, thoughts, and memories experienced through fieldwork and active investigation.
All items showcased have been carefully crafted to live within SUPERCONTINENTE and produced in limited quantities.


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SEGUETA is a carefully-sharpened and visibly confident typeface with an extreme width and prominent serifs. It is informed by Stephenson Blake’s Wide Latin (1883) and Walter Haettenschweiler’s legendary Lettera drawings, while also taking cues from rowel spurs and barbed wire. Its lower contrast stylistic alternates allow for dynamic arrangements and play with the typeface’s overarching elegant edge.

SEGUETA es una fuente afilada y visiblemente fuerte, de anchura extrema y remates sobresalientes. Se inspira en Wide Latin (1883) de Stephenson Blake, en los legendarios dibujos Lettera de Walter Haettenschweiler y en la belleza retadora encontrada en espuelas y alambres de púa. Sus conjuntos estilísticos de bajo contraste permiten dinamismo editorial y refuerzan la elegancia propia de la fuente.

Licenses are priced by total company size of the font license owner. For organizations bigger than 100 people or other license types, please contact us.

El precio de las licencias está basado en el tamaño de la empresa de quien licencia. Para entidades con más de 100 personas u otros tipos de licencia, por favor contáctenos.

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